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    james“Qigong is new to the West. After 2000+ years of closely guarded secrecy in China and the East, it is finally being discovered and known.

    There are hundreds of styles and forms. Over the last 25 years I have tried to condense the essence of them – the primary anatomy and physiology of the energy system, what it is and how it works – into one sequence that anybody can do. This is called Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong.

    My hope is you find these practices of benefit and value, and will discover they increase the Energy, and Life, within you. Try them and see for yourself.”

                                            Best Wishes,  Jim MacRitchie

    QIGONG is known by other names – it is also called Chi Kung, Ji Kong, and other various spellings, but is pronounced ‘Chee Gung’. ‘Qi’ means Energy, Vitality, Life. ‘Gong’ means Working With, Developing or Cultivating. So, Qigong can be translated as…

    …Working with Energy, Developing Vitality, or Cultivating Life.

    Qigong is based on the human energy system, now widely familiar through Acupuncture and Tai Chi. The understanding of this energy system is a major missing piece of Western Civilization. After all, the Global Energy Crisis is as much ‘internal’ as ‘external’ – if we each become more energy efficient human beings we’ll use less external energy, last longer and be better, to everyone’s benefit.


    This website contains a FREE document, an ‘ebook’, titled ‘The Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong’. The 8ExMs are the foundation of all forms of Qigong, Chi Kung, Inner Alchemy, Medical Qigong and Chi Healing. You can simply download the book, at no charge or cost. It is free because the world needs information on Qigong right now.
    Please click on THE WHOLE ENCHILADA (2105 downloads ) . Or you can get the separate practices on this page.


    To aid in doing the practices we have recorded audio versions of the 12 practices in the book which are now also available FREE by direct download. Visit this page to download them.

    A new set of Audios, consisting of the 5 Stages of Practice, which culminates in a 5 minute version using the Master and Coupled Points alone, is available at a modest price which helps keep the website open and running. You can <a href=”″>BUY IT HERE</a>


    This website also provides information about my private practice in ‘Personal Energy Cultivation’ [© 2009] through Chi Kung / Qigong and Classical Acupuncture. Click in the box under ‘James MacRitchie’ on the right. You can find out about Classes & Training in Liverpool, England.

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST Your comments and feedback are welcome. You can send an email here, and if you let me have your email address I’ll keep you informed of occasional updates and future projects. Good Chi. Jim